Being born in Stockholm, Sweden I spent my summers in the archipelago close to the island of Möja. I had nature all around me and this is still my greatest source of inspiration. I am captivated with the form of a leaf and the sparkle on the water as the sun sets. I am also very conscious of how our consumption affects our planet. I believe in "slow" consumption. Invest in things that are timeless. jewelry never goes out of style. Choose to be elegant, modern, classy or just a bit crazy. You can express it all with the right jewelry.
Do you need something custom made? I can design the piece of jewelry that you're looking for. I also draw portraits of family and friends and maybe I can draw the person you want to be?



Moette i Ateljén


My ambition has always been to create. But not at any price. J want my jewelery to make a difference. We live in a time of overconsumption and massproduction. All my jewelry is handmade and locally produced. Often in a smaller quantity so as to make it especially for you. I am for trying to diminish waste so all my silver that is left over is melted down and recycled. I care about our climate and nature and that is why I only use recycled silver. I even try to buy my materials and tools from local companies. When I package my jewelry I try to send them in envelopes and plastic that has already been used. So if you receive a strange looking parcel that's taped together you know it's for a good cause. My goal in the near future is to create jewelry collections that support different organisations. In that way I can give back to our planet a portion of what I use and you can wear my jewelry with a good conscience.


Making crazy clay from Jewelry by Moette 2009

Everything started when I attained Södra Latin highschool and started making my own handmade jewelry that I sold to friends. Eventually my mother and I started our company together.
Design by 2M.

The mask from Jewelry by Moette 2012

After graduation I attended Nyckelviks school on Lidingö for a year. Here I learnt the skills of working with different metalls. I had a blast creating all kinds of jewelry and ornaments.

Il Duomo Milan 2017

2014 I moved to Milan to study Jewelry Design at the school of IED, Instituto Europeo di Design. After three years I graduated with a bachelors degree in jewelry design.

Lützengatan 9 2018

Now I am sharing a boutique and workshop with Judit Hedelius at Lützengatan 9. Visit us at BJ Design. Welcome!